Dottie was found wondering the streets in a suburban neighborhood she lived with this family for 6 months then they had to move. The family was moving from Georgia to California and from a large house in to a apartment so they could not take Dottie with them. The owner hated to leave her dog behind but there was no way that she could take the large Dalmatian with her to live in the small apartment.

Dottie has been with us for a couple months and she is a gem! She loves to cuddle up close to you and just spend time with you. With she is not trying to love on you she likes to play with our other dogs here. When they all go outside for playtime Dottie is the one that likes to start the "Indie Dog 1000" which is when they run a circuit around a 30X15 oval above ground pool then under the porch and back to the pool. Dottie thinks she is the fastest dog but Trixie can lap her on the first go. Most days Dottie, Trixie and Lexie just want to go outside and play, when you come in the door and say "Anyone want to go outside?" all of the start whining to go play. Miss Dottie loves to be the one under the attention spot-light. So far Dottie has learned a lot she seems to pick up things very quickly and retains them well.

Dottie has been fixed and is ready to go to a home! She gets along with all dogs but tends to want to chase the cats. She does fine with children as she came from a house with three kids.