How to help us

Due to a lack of funding and foster homes, we are NOT accepting any more dogs at this time.

There are many ways to help a rescue like us, Fostering, Donating, or Volunteering.


As we set up in our homes we need a few things like:

  • Wire Kennels
  • Travel Cages
  • Dog & Cat Food
  • Toys (No stuffed toys please.)

If you would like to donate cash funds to the rescue to help pay for thing like surgeries and food, you can do so by sending cash or check. E-mail for more information.

Current Fund Raising Projects


We are currently raising funds to cure Rockit of Heart Worms. Rockit went to vet to get spayed and was tested positive for Heart Worms. If nothing is done she will die : Early signs include a cough, especially on exercise and early exhaustion upon exercise. More advanced cases progress to severe weight loss, fainting, coughing up blood and, finally, congestive heart failure.


This month we have also added the three abandoned kittens to the list of fund raising projects because without care from their mother the kittens will need A LOT of help! So far we have been giving them the meds that they need to gain weight to survive. Who knows what these little ones will need next!!


We can NOT house any more pets at this time so we are looking for people to foster animals. To Foster animals for us, The GPHA, just e-mail us at or and we can give you all the details.


Currently we do not have any events planned that we need help with.