Well, Miss Ty or Ty-Ty or Ty Bear or Wiggle Butt or so many other nicknames is doing great. She is ready to placed in a loving home. Ty has come through a lot but has not kept any of the old bad habits. When we first got her and gave her a treat she would try to eat our fingers to get to the food. Now Ty sits very pretty then waits for you to give her the treat and only takes it went you hand it to her. She is now completely HOUSE BROKEN!! This took some time as Ty had never been in a house before but her has learned!! We are still working on the standing back from the door when coming back from outside and the getting out of the kitchen while we are cooking. (Most dogs take a while to get these down.)

    Ty's favorite things to do are:
  • Getting Petted. She would either sit on the floor by you gettng petted or she puts her front two paws on your lap while resting her head on your chest while you pet her. I think her love on petting comes from the lack of it in the household she came from. Everyday as I work downstairs in my office Ty cuddles on the floor in about an arms distance from my chair. She is even picking up the "You know you want to pet me" eyes.
  • Bunny Hop / Playing Outside: Ty loves to run around outside with our 4 dogs.
  • Chewing on Rawhide Sticks. Just like all puppies Ty has started learn what she can and can not chew on. She is allows rubber toys and rawhide in all forms right now.

***********I will be putting up some new photos of Ty. The only photos at the bottom of the page are of the first day she came to us weighting in at 25LBS!!! Miss Ty now weights 60LBS!***********

Ty is doing so much better now that she has a little meat on her bones. She will still need some help in the weeks to come BUT if you have had experiance with emaciated animals and would like to help / foster please e-mail me. Ty has had fun a couple times at the local dog park making all kinds of new friends. She loves to run with her boxer friends and greet everyone in the park.

When Ty came to us she would only play with an empty steel food dish which tell me that someone loved her at one point / feed her. Ty would flip the bowl around and bark at it like it was another animal playing with her. It took her many days to get her where she will play with a toy but she will often get a food bowl and run arund with it in her mouth after she barks at it. Her favorite toy right now is the Tuff Pig, which is made from a really durable cloth that is in many layers, she also like a Kong Wabba.

We just got call about a starving male pitbull about 6 months old from a good friend BUT when I got there he was really a female 8-10 month old Australian Shepherd / Doberman Pinscher, we think. Ty is pretty emaciated right now but we think she will pull right out given the right diet and time!

When I look into her eyes I can see the little pup within! One day she is lying on someones yard about to die and the next she is wagging her little boney body at her new dog friends.


ALL PHOTOS BELOW ARE OF THE FIRST DAY!! Ty was very emaciated!!