Duchess, Collie

This lovely collie was in service training till almost the very end. After she left the training Duchess was placed with a family. She stayed with this family for a unknown amount of time till they had to move. The lady of the house could not take Duchess with them and made the decision to either place her with someone or PUT HER TO SLEEP.

Well we could not have this, I took Duchess and found her a home on a large farm with a family with 2 children. Duchess loves them and her life there after warming up she steals naps on the couch when the family is not there. It is SO cute because she knows that she is not allowed on the couch and only does it when all the family leaves, Yep they caught her asleep one day!

"We love her so much and could not imagine a live without her now, Thank you finding Duchess for us." - Mrs. Barnes

Natasha, Feral Kitten

Jezabel appeared near a house with 5 little kittens in-tow: Abigal, Natasha, Eclipse, Pete, ?? (Don't know what the owner named him). After working with the kitten, Natasha, she seemed to be VERY scared of differences in her environment which equaled to this kitten hiding when ever someone would walk through the room or make a loud sound. After several days Natasha would come out from under the bed at night time to get petted.

This night time petting continued till she started following me around and wanting to be petted. After awhile Natasha stated playing with Trixie and Lexie (two of our dogs) when ever she could corner them. Natasha has become loved by my whole family even when she wakes you at 6:30 in the morning to be petted because she knows you have nothing better to do.

The morning "kitten love" is the greatest!!! - Miss Kuykendall

Honey, Miniature Poodle

Left without food and water when her family moved away this little girl had NO CHANCE of surival only with the rescuing of Rockit was anyone alerted to Honey being locked in the house. After finding a open door Honey was rescued and taken out of that place. I worked on cutting the 3-5 inch mats off of Honey for a couple days a few hours at a time to not stress her out to much.

Four days later a short cute puppy cut was on Honey and she found a new owner that day. By luck I connected with a woman who have always wanted a copper poodle since seeing one in her child hood.

I have always wanted a poodle like this and I can't believe someone would ever do that to this baby." - Mrs. Higgins

Rambo, Great Dane & Black Lab Mix

Rambo was taken to a kennel where his owner just dropped him off. This dog was only a year and a half old when the owner decided that he just got to big. April was able to find him a home living on a farm!!! Rambo has now been living on this farm having a blast and his family loves having him there!!!!

Matches, Feral Kitten

Three frighten little kittens were found under a porch and they were younger than 6 weeks old. So the little kittens were more like evil fuzzy puff balls!! It was several weeks of de-feralization before we could really play with them.

Matches was adopted into a family with 3 other cats and he loves it. Everybody loves the BABY!!

"He has upped my fun quotient and so delightful I love him." - Mrs. Mechtly